Deana Hoyles
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Deana Hoyles – Compassion Canada Advocate


God has called us is to make a difference in the life of people. We are to be the messenger of the gospel but we are also commanded to serve the poor. In many cases children are the first to feel the effects of poverty! Deana is a Child Advocate with Compassion Canada! She believes that you can change the world by touching a child!!!

A few years ago Deana had the opportunity to go to Thailand to volunteer her time and music abilities for a children’s camp. It was her time in Thailand that opened not only her eyes but her heart to what God really desires for us as Christians, to reach children for Him! Her time there allowed her to see the poverty that really does exists but also human trafficking of little children for sex trade. Deana says: “My heart was broken and I became so angry at what was happening that I felt so helpless.” It was because of her experiences in Thailand that caused her to search for a practical way to make a difference. Compassion Canada has given Deana the ability to transform a child’s life. Through this organization Deana says “I can help change a child’s life and point them to Christ.”

By making a difference in the life of one child, we are helping to spread the gospel; to see people disciples, lives changed, communities transformed-and helping poverty find its eternal solution.

Deana is also has sponsored a child with Compassion Canada. She has sponsored a little girl from Honduras, “It feels amazing to say that I can help change this little girls life and help her discover Gods plan for her but also help her financial need,”

If you have a heart for children and you want to share your time and talents, the opportunity to change children’s lives for eternity is available. Sponsor a child today with Compassion Canada or join the Advocate Network please click the compassion Canada link!!!