Deana Hoyles
  • Twila Austin Photography

Some of you are probably wondering who the photographer was that shot those amazing photos for my album and website! In August 2010, I had the privilege of meeting Twila Austin for the first time. Not only did I truly have fun but she is so creative and has an excellent eye to get that perfect shot! She took so many great shots that it was difficult to narrow it down to just a couple of pictures for the album.

Not only is Twila an amazing photographer but she also has amazing ways of taking that already beautiful picture and enhancing it in the editing stage! Some of the colors she brings out are beautiful!

The shots speak for themselves! Thanks again Twila for the most gorgeous pictures. I am looking forward to the next photo shoot!

Twila Austin currently resides in Grand Prairie, Alberta. If you would like to contact Twila Austin Photography to book a photo shoot connect with her on facebook or email her directly.